Bilingual stories that make tortillas dance…… celebrating diversity

kay_bestFor more than twenty years, bilingual Storyteller Kay Elmsley Weeden has been spinning yarns, singing and dancing, and celebrating cultural diversity around the world.

Kay’s lively manner of telling stories engages her audience and draws them in, making them feel very much a part of the events of the story.

She specializes in “Spanglish” storytelling, a blending of Spanish and English. Her ability to combine Spanish and English together and still have even the youngest children understand and participate in her stories has made her a favorite for Hispanic Heritage celebrations in schools and libraries.

Kay also provides programming for schools interested in using storytelling in schools or for forensic programs about storytelling and drama.

Her programs:

  • Celebrate diversity
  • Reinforce reading concepts
  • Promote learning of a second language
  • Educate about how others live in the world around us

Above all, her appearances are fun, lively, and interactive!

“When our school spends the limited money we have on assemblies, we want to be sure that it’s both fun and educational. Kay’s program was fantastic and had the kids singing and talking about it a long time after. Her visit to the classroom after the assembly for individual questions was an incredible plus for our students.”

Sue S, Marquette Elementary Schools, Madison, WI

“This was a fast paced musical and cultural introduction to Spanish stories and rhythms. The kids loved it.”

Carole R. Children’s librarian, Burlington Public Library, Burlington, WI