Kay Elmsley Weeden

Bilingual Storyteller | Teaching Artist

"Stories that make tortillas dance"


For more than twenty years Kay has been sharing tales with children and adults in schools and libraries, celebrations and festivals. Her lively manner engages her listeners and draws them in, making them feel a part of the story. She often blends Spanish and English into many of her stories. Whether she’s telling traditional legends, personal tales, or original stories, her performances are fun, lively, and interactive!

So, what exactly does Kay do? Kay tells you stories; she doesn’t read them to you. You and your imagination “see” the tale as you listen to it, you react to the details, you respond to the questions, you join in with the action, and you become a part of that story. Whether there are 2 or 200 people in the audience, each person is imagining the tale in their own way.

Storytelling has power - The power to inspire, to feel and to energize. Stories build understanding. They entertain. They teach. They let us see the big picture. And because it’s a story, you remember it.

Teaching Artist

Kay is a former public school teacher and works with students, teachers and others on the storytelling process. Kay offers lively opportunities and workshops for others to find or write the perfect story, and then to present it.

"Kay is an exceptional storyteller. She is captivating to both children and adults. She interacts with the audience intelligently, responsively and bilingually!"
Elizabeth King, Madison Public Library, Madison , WI

"Funny, interesting and serious all in the same program!"
Maribeth Woodard, Janesville, WI

Keynote speaker

Kay addresses educators, librarians, and professionals on the use of storytelling in their jobs. Presentations include the benefits of using story, some easy ways to begin telling stories, many story examples, and opportunities to share ideas and experiences. Incorporate the power of Storytelling into your classroom or business!

About Kay

Kay lives with her family in Stoughton, WI. She is originally from England and has also lived in Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Costa Rica. Formerly a public school teacher, she discovered storytelling as a fun and useful teaching tool. She has since been performing primarily around the Midwest. She says, “Stories are for everyone, young and old. We live our lives by communicating through stories with others. I tell stories to share humor, language, culture and life with others. It is a wonderful way to directly involve people in something you love to do.”

Kay is the recipient of the WPA Excellence Award, as well as a Kohl Fellowship honoree. Kay has been a featured teller for the annual Wisconsin Storytellers’ Gathering for many years, as well as several National Annual Tellebration Celebrations around the country. She is a member of Wisconsin Storytellers, Northlands Storytelling Network, Madison Storytelling Guild, and the National Storytelling Association.